The Ministry of Praise and Worship        


Praise and worship is probably the most important aspect of the Christian walk and thanksgiving is the first step towards praise and worship.  Praise and worship is impossible without thanksgiving.  We need to make thanking God a habit.  We need to have a heart of  thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving acknowledges what God has done and praise acknowledges who God is.  Every action that God has done or will do brings glory to Him. The Praise and Worship Music Ministry is an avenue through which God is ministered to.  God desires to bring us into His presence, therefore our worship is unto Him.

Why Should We Worship God:

Because He is God—————Psalm95:7

Because He commands it———-Psalm 148:1-3

Because He is worthy———–Psalm 18:3

For His faithfulness—————-Psalm 100:5

For His love—————————————-II Chronicles 20:21

For His greatness——————Psalm 95:3

For His salvation——————Psalm27:1

For His mighty deeds—————–Psalm 145:4,6

For His holiness———————–Psalm 99:3,5

For His creation————————–Revelation 4:11

For His power——————————-Revelation 11:17

For His miracles—————————St. Matthew 9:8

Praise and worship is not just singing and it doesn’t only happen when believers gather for Sunday Services.  It is not an event.  It is a lifestyle.  The expression of worship must be personal and be a part of our daily walk.  We must declare God’s glory in every way.

At Dove Revelation Ministry, the presence of God is experienced in a life changing way.  The purpose of the Praise and Worship Ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.  It is not an outward performance but a participatory event.  The responsibility to praise and worship does not solely rest with the Pastors or Worship Leaders but with all of us.  It is not contingent upon our feelings or circumstances but it is based on God’s greatness which never changes.    We celebrate the Lord’s presence both personally and corporately.