Ministries of Dove Revelation Ministry


Administrative Ministry

Take care of the administrative needs of the Ministry as assigned by the Sr. Pastor.  The adminstrative department includes the ministry secretary and financial secretary.


Ambassadors of the Ministry.  Extend service beyond the four (4) walls of the Ministry by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This includes the Solid Rock Prayer Center.

Hospitality Ministry

Serves as the welcoming arm of the Ministry.  Introduces visitors to the mission and purpose of the Ministry.  Responsible for events and activities Ex. Pastor’s Anniversary.  This Ministry includes the ushers.

Media Ministry

Responsible for the audio, video and website functions for the Ministry.  Assist the Ministry in coordination of all public printed and multimedia communication.

Preaching and Teaching Ministry

Comprised of the individuals who have been called, appointed and anointed to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship Ministry

The purpose and calling of this Ministry is leading others into the presence of God and declaring His glory in every way.  This Ministry includes the Dance Ministry.

Worship Facilitation Ministry

Responsible for operating the sound equipment in a manor that keeps the focus on worshipping God and hearing the Word of God.