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What is the Prophetic Ministry?

The Prophetic Ministry is designed to motivate and encourage believers to go on with God and find their place in the Body of Christ?  It promotes individual and corporate edification.  In the Prophetic Ministry, the gifts of the Spirit are in operation.


 What is the Prophetic Office?

The Prophetic Office is one of the five (5) fold ministry offices and is given by God not man.  It is not received from human ordination and is not subject to human authority.  The prophet is subject to the authority of the Lord.  The Office has been given in the person as a gift to the Church; a gift to the body universal.  The Prophetic Office maintain discipline and order in the Body of Christ.

What is a Prophet?

A prophet is one who speaks by Divine inspiration and is moved by the Spirit of God to declare to men what he has received by inspiration, especially concerning future events.

What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is a word emanating from Divine inspiration.  The prophetic word declares the purpose of God whether by reproving and admonishing people or comforting the afflicted or revealing things hidden.

What is the Purpose of the Gift of Prophecy?

The gift of prophecy is to strengthen, encourage and comfort the Church.  It helps bring direction and guidance to peoples lives.


Despise not prophesyings.

I Thessalonians 5:20